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It is a common misconception that audits only happen when mistakes are made. This is untrue. The CRA’s risk-assessment systems identify tax returns that are considered to be at high risk for non-compliance. When a return is identified as high-risk, a CRA officer will review information from various sources to determine whether an audit is needed to address the risks identified. The CRA and provincial governments’ audit and review focus changes often, but there are certain areas that are commonly reviewed such as automobile expenses, medical expenses, moving expenses, vessel purchases, GST and/or PST compliance, employer compliance, reasonability of professional fees, etc. just to name a few.

The cost of responding to such enquiries can add up quickly. This is why we offer our clients the Audit Shield Fee Waiver Service.

Audit Shield provides year-round peace of mind. One annual fee provides cost effective protection and assistance against the substantial cost that may be incurred should the CRA or other Canadian Government revenue authority conduct an audit, enquiry, investigation or review of your filed returns including:

  • Corporate Tax Filings
  • Personal Tax Filings
  • GST/HST Filings
  • Employer Compliance Audits
  • Business Audits

Responding to government enquiries is stressful enough without having to worry about extra charges from your accounting firm. Get in touch to talk with us about how Audit Shield could work for you.

* This service only covers audits/reviews instigated by CRA or any other Canadian government revenue agency that are in relation to a tax filing and it is limited to the Terms & Conditions of our service.

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